Minotti Luigi & Benigno has put together significant furnishing projects the world over, providing special supplies for hotels, restaurants, residences, boutiques, libraries, yachts, ships, offices and headquarters.


For a better welcome

The design of contract interiors, head offices and hotel division must take new demands into consideration, today more than ever. the divisions of work spaces, meeting rooms, public areas, comfort and extreme flexibility of the partitions correspond to the requirements of aesthetics and functionality; a new way of interpreting hotel accommodation is born, more welcoming and less traditional spaces give the guest the sense of being at home.



sophisticated and exclusive interiors

In our line of work we consider perfectionism to be an objective which involves the whole company. with this philosophy in mind minotti luigi & benigno’s internal designers have matured a unique experience in the sector, experience which is appreciated on an international scale.


an unmistakable sense of style

Historical research, traditional manual craftsmanship, the identification of ideal materials and the quality of the project all work together to give life to furniture and interior design which give the suite a sense of sophistication, where a rare elegance between the past and the present exists.